Welcome to Bugsy's Animal Network.   My  mission, and that of our many contributors, is to promote the well-being and humane treatment of all animals, through our support of greater Rochester, New York, area shelters and rescue organizations.  Please note we do not take in pets, only promote those in local area organizations.       Email Bugsy & Judy  

Who Are Pet Celebrities?   The wonderful pets featured below are recommended by volunteers based on the most need, special
circumstances, or  simply overlooked and waiting in shelters the longest.  Please give them your consideration.  Many never get a home.
Jasmine -  Black and white - 8 yrs.  Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program     Why this cat is still available is beyond me.  She is a gentile, elegant lady, who minds her own business and sits next to you peacefully while the cat room is chaotic.  She was in a hoarding case and must have had a lot of kittens in her time.  Beautiful, soft, plays with string toys.  She does need to eat Purina  Grain Free food which can be purchased off the shelf in Petsmart.  Never causes a problem, no drama.   She does some kind of funny calisthenics (like a ballerina) when she drinks water.  Fine other cats.   Ideally, a single cat home, unless you can manage her not eating other cats' food or have them all on her type of food.  In fact, the other cats in the center all love her food better than their own.   At Webster Petsmart (Bugsy Volunteers there).  ADOPTION APPROVED
brown tiger, 2 year old male; Anton's people had too many cats
Judy's Note
.  I love this cat.  When he came to Webster he was lacking trust in humans, but his joy of play and gentle nature has emerged.  Yesterday I did his nails.  He is a tall, lean, striking cat.  His Markings are gorgeous.  He still is a bit "skittish" - dishes dropping, etc.  Please give him your consideration.  He would do best in a home that is relatively quiet, probably because of his size, no little kids who would grab at him.  Somebody who is not a first time cat owner.  He is fine with the other cats, deferring to them.  He plays with kittens.  He loves string toys and leaps high in the air.
When I arrive at the center, I let him out and now he comes over begging to get pet, rubs up to you, etc.  He still has a wee bit of internal struggle.  He wants to love and trust completely, but a small piece still warns him to be a bit cautions
Humane Society of Wayne County - Webster Petsmart Location
Makenna is a 5 year Mold spayed hound mix who absolutely loves people!! She is most happy just cuddling and snuggling and chilling! She would love a nice country setting so she can watch the world go by!! Stop by to meet Makenna!!
Makenna needs a home without cats or small animals. And due to her size and strength, small children are not recommended. 
Continued in next cube.................
Makenna is 5-6 years old, absolutely beautiful, spayed, friendly to both dogs and people. She has really struggled with the shelter situation since the beginning. She loves people and breaks down if you aren't right by her side, (she is a bit of a diva as well). Contact Terri, volunteer who loves this Hound-dog (LOL)   tmonacel@rochester.rr.com  or Friends of Orleans County NY Humane Society  Albion, NY  14411
585-752-2588 ocadoptions@aol.com

Dolly was dumped on our doorstep three years ago. Her foster mom has fostered hundreds of cats over the years and Dolly is on her top ten list of favorite foster cats. She got along well with the dog in her foster home. She can be bossy towards other cats but she may be able to live with a cat that doesn’t mind letting her be the queen bee. Dolly is social but she does not mind being on her own for long stretches of time. Dolly has had trouble finding a home because she has stage 1 kidney disease. The only special care she requires on a daily basis is being fed a mainly wet food diet.  Her kidney problems cannot be cured but it is still possible for her to have a long happy life if she is well cared for. Pet Pride of New York     585-742-1630     ppny@rochester.rr.com

Harry’s boisterous nature has earned him the nicknames “Hurricane Harry” and “The Undertaker.” Harry will need a family that can spend lots of time entertaining him and a home that is well stocked with toys.  He has an almost dog like personality and we think that he would do well around dogs. Harry is not most cats’ cup of tea but he may do well with a friendly energetic cat that likes to play hard. He is very inquisitive and can be quite sweet when he is in a mellow mood. Harry may never win an award for being the most well behaved cat but he will give you lots of good laughs. Pet Pride of New York   585-742-1630    ppny@rochester.rr.com

Meet Huey the most beautiful Tibetan Terrier in the world. Who ever breed him knew what they were doing. He is a great dog and housebroken, loves other dogs and can live with confident cats that have experience. Adoption donation is $350.00   Have you read about Tibetan Terriers? They are stubborn as well as loving. They are dominant and can not be owned by the typical family. Yes, they look like over grown Shih Tzu's but they are not. They are a herding type breed and not a terrier at all. In fact, most people can not provide the guidance or the training for this breed. What happens is the dog suffers and gets passed around. We have his paperwork from the owners that surrender him and they thought he was a Lhasa Poo - we think he is a Tibetian Terrier mix.   Duffy's Friends, Inc
Day Lily was born about April 7, 2016 and will probably top out in the 50'ish pound range when full grown.  He is just major cuteness and so very sweet and social.  Sadly, the dogs in the south don't have long to live once they are left at the shelters and so the staff doesn't bother to gather more information so we will be learning as we go.
Joyful Rescues     716 372-3661  joyfulrescues@hughes.net
I'm one of the Lily Transport! Darling was born about April 7, 2016 and will probably top out in the 50'ish pound range when full grown. She is a  Lab / Basset Hound mix.  She is just major cuteness and so very sweet and social.  Sadly, the dogs in the south don't have long to live once they are left at the shelters and so the staff doesn't bother to gather more information so we will be learning as we go. Joyful Rescues     716 372-3661  joyfulrescues@hughes.net 

Wally and his buddy Matt were dumped in a Wal Mart parking lot.  They stuck together, patiently waiting for their person to return...but they never did.
Wally is terribly thin, weighing just 39 pounds. Blue Moon Meadows  585-624-9328.

Olive is a beautiful 1 year old girl who loves to be petted and sleep curled up next to you in the bed, but she is not a lap cat. She is being fostered with multiple other cats and does fine with them. She has never been around dogs, so it is not known how she would interact with them.
Humane Society of Livingston County 585-234-2828  
Adorable Zelda is about 6 years old, and she weighs 75 pounds. This big girl will need a home without cats, and we recommend a home without small children. Zelda has attended events with middle-school aged children, and she loves them! She also rides very nicely in the car, settling down in the back seat and snoozing until she reaches her destination. Zelda LOVES to play with rope toys, and tennis balls too! Zelda must meet any resident dog(s) in a potential new home.t Humane Society of Wayne County)

Hello! My name is Smurf. I was surrendered to the city shelter when my owner had to go away for a long time and could no longer take care of me. I was a little nervous at first of what was going on. There were a lot of dogs around me, making all kinds of noise so I was very shy but now I am in a safe home and I even have a foster sister.  I am about 1 1/2 years old and weigh 58 pounds.  Some of my favorite things are playing with toys, laying on my back in the grass, sitting in the sunshine and being loved on by my foster parents.  Read More.   Nuts for Mutts Rescue, Inc
Oliver is a approximately 2 years old and is a beautiful male Terrier mix. He came from a shelter in Ohio so sadly we do not have any information on his past, we can only assume in his short time he was not shown much kindness. He was reported to have been picked up as a stray, but does exhibit some behaviors that lead us to believe he may have been abused. He is leary of strangers and takes a bit to warm up, he is also somewhat insecure and needs reassurance. These are things we are working with a trainer on helping him overcome and learn to be more confident. Oliver in his foster home is happy and full of life, he loves to be with his people and is very affectionate.!  Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue Check out our amazing Sampson!! He is simply spectacular: rugged good looks, loves to snuggle (big time!), excellent kisser, great sense of humor, and not at all afraid to commit! He's basically the perfect guy. Right now, Sampson is looking for an exclusive relationship - he would prefer to be the only dog in your life. Sampson is seeking someone who is equally available emotionally.  Pitty Love Rescue,  (585) 376-0290; Email    
Inky is a young Shih-Tzu mix that is a very busy girl. She seems to have lots to do during the day before she is up for a cuddle at night. Sheis to be house-trained and not very fond of her crate but she does eventually settle down. She likes to play with other dogs on her terms and ignores the cats here. her adoption fee is $250.00 and she has been spayed, vetted and micro chipped.  SusieQ Dog ResQ   papillon1254@rochester.rr.com Adele is a 6 month old Boxer mix. She has the cutest freckles and I love it when she wags her nub. She is so lovable and sweet.    SusieQ Dog ResQ     
Black Nose is a 14 year old male domestic shorthair mix who came to Lollypop Farm to find a new home.  He's available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over, through Lollypop Farm's Seniors-for-Seniors program. If you would like more information, please call 585-223-1330 or visit Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester  at 99 Victor Rd. in Fairport, NY.

Special Needs:  Bopsy is a grey/white female tabby who was born 6/28/15. Bopsy is considered 'Special Needs' because she had gotten her head caught in a fan and now has a permanent head tilt. She does not require any surgery and she does not need medication. Her head tilt will not go away but that is the only issue she has.  Bryson is her baby boy. He was born 6/1/16. He is a cute, playful little fella and loves his mommy. We prefer that Bopsy and Bryson be adopted together.  If you adopt them both together we will waive Bopsy's adoption fee.
Keller's Kats Rescue, Inc585-802-6454 (Karla)  Email

Donny is a male gray tabby who was born 4/28/16.  He came to Keller's Kats Rescue with her siblings Amber and Lucy.  Donny is an adorable kitten with striking features and a plucky personality. He looks small, but he doesn't seem to know it!  He is a grey tabby with white socks (and black toes!) and dramatic markings around his eyes, which make them look enormous. He loves to run around and play, but also loves a good cuddle.   He has a loud purr and a squeaky meow, which he uses to let you know when its time to eat! He is eating wet and dry food and using the litter box appropriately.  Keller's Kats Rescue, Inc585-802-6454 (Karla)  Email

How do you do? I am Bianca, but you may call me Miss “B.” I am in my—let’s just say my mature years. The vet believes that I am between nine and eleven. Keep them guessing, I say. Currently, I am in the loving care of a NBRAN foster home near Rochester, NY. I have had quite a journey to get here. My original owner had to go into a nursing home. One of the relatives took me in, but their dog did not like me moving into their house. I was rehomed two more times, but this last time was to someone who had an apartment and was gone all day. That was terrible, even with a walker stopping by twice a day. Knowing that Brittanys get lonely easily, that owner surrendered me to NBRAN where I am to this day.  National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network Contact Robin Flood, NY Co-Coordinator at email, or 585-346-0271

Please welcome Spirit.  She is a beautiful 4 year old dark sable female GSD.  Spirit is house trained, crate trained, spayed and knows her basic commands. Spirit likes male dogs, female dogs not so much.  She is high energy and a very busy girl.  Spirit needs an active home and someone to entertain her.  She has a ton of potential who would totally benefit from obedience training.  She could easily be the star of the class.  No small children or kitties for this high drive girl.  Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue

Bug is a 10 week old male Yorkie mix puppy. He will be a fairly small dog once grown. He is a smart and responsive pup that is doing very well with crate and house training. He is currently being fostered in a home with older kids, but loves everyone he meets! He is very dog friendly and loves to play. Bug is accepting applications for a home in Rochester and the surrounding areas only.  Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions    Email
Porthos was one of four males in a litter of six born June 1, 2015. They’ve lived in a foster home since birth. He’s basically all black with a few tufts of white on his chest. All the cats in this litter have relatively short hair, but their coats are buttery soft. Porthos has a little extra fluff to his coat and a debonair look to him. Like all the cats in this litter, Porthos is a flopper, meaning he likes to walk a few steps in front of his human companions and flop down, presenting himself to be showered with affection. Porthos is a quiet, calm kitty. He rarely meows but will purr when he’s being petted. He likes to play but would not wreak havoc in your home. He loves people, gets along with other cats and even dogs.  Bugsy's Note:  Notice his siblings on the website - very beautiful kitties with Greek names !  Animal Service League 
Meet Rocky.  Note, the description below was written by his owner who had to relinquish him to
LiFeline Adoptions. 
"Rocky is ten when I adopted him. We have a real bond after a short time, but the doctor advised me to find a new home for him due to my allergies and existing health conditions.  He is lovable and smart. He knows his name and understand basic commands like "down". It might take a minute and he'll usually obey. He's a vocal kitty but his meow is very soft. He communicates with me asking to get on the sofa or bed with me, and for his morning treat of wet food. I crush one pill into his morning wet food for his thyroid condition. He always has around two cups of dry food out to nibble on along with fresh water. He loves treats and Rachel Rays Nutrish dry food. 
While not a lapcat with me, he loves physical closeness such as laying against you. He likes sitting in the window and looking outside. He loves to have his "rump" scratched, its his sweet spot! He's declared so there's no worry about damaged furniture. I think he would enjoy a scratching pad though.  Rocky is a wonderful companion. He is very social and will greet guests. Of course loud noises scare him. When he's ready for a nap often he'll find a cool place next to the wall by the bed or in a corner. He will let you know when he wants attention by talking to you. Occasionally he acts on his "inner kitten" and will run back and forth around the living room, his bells softly ringing.  

If you are looking for a stable, well behaved, gentleman and quiet loyal companion, Rocky is for you! He stole is current owners heart instantly! This guy is really special and at his very wise and wonderful age, he knows what he likes and wants. Please, he needs to be the only pet at home
Danny is what we call a people puppy as he wants to be on your lap and be cuddling with you. He was born April 29 and is one of 6 in the litter. They are small terrier and Chihuahua mix. The mother was no bigger than 10 lbs and was a wire hair Chi weenie mix. The father was a Chihuahua and very sweet as we placed him in the month of June in a nice home. Duffy's Friends, Inc Hello all you Brittany lovers!  Let me take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Finn and I am a 5 year old, 45 lb,, orange and white neutered male.  I am housebroken, crate trained, micro chipped, and up to date  on all vaccinations, and in good health!  I came into rescue when I was found all alone with no one to care for me.  All I need is a loving new home and family to spend the rest of my life with.  

If you would like to add alot of fun and energy to your house, Brady is your boy!  He is a very smart boy that learns new things quickly. He has made a lot of adjustments in a short time.  From his reactions to alot of every day things in a home, it became apparent that he never lived in a house before!  He has settled in nicely and is easy to live with. Brady is friendly with everyone that comes to the house.  Brady is being fostered with an older dog that he loves.  He does have too much energy for her at times with the age difference but that is handled easily with some supervision.  He is also being fostered with two cats that he likes to chase, so he would do better in a cat free home. Due to Brady's enthusiasm and physical play we recommend a home with older or teenage children only. Black Dog, Second Chance
Tony is a cuddle bug who wants to be on your lap the minute he sees you. He's teething right now, so don't let him near your fingers- give him some toys he can chew on a bit!  Volunteers For Animals / Geneses County  Email 
Bobby is a non-stop cuddlebug – soon to be a great lap warmer !!
May need time to adjust in a home with young
children.l.  Volunteers For Animals / Geneses County  Email  
 Pixie was rescued from a life outside, fending for herself. She has beautiful soft fur and she loves to be petted. She is very sweet! She gets incredibly excited when its€™s time for a wet food snack or treats. Now that she has started relaxing in her foster home her playful nature is coming out. We think Pixie would do fine as an only pet, or in a home with one other nice cat. If they get too close to her personal space she gives them a little bop with the paw to remind them to back up, but then carries on with her day.   G.R.A.S.P (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) - (585) 234-1953 
Layla is a petite 55 lb, 1 year old pit mix. She is a med-high energy dog who loves to play with her toys and is a very quick learner. Layla loves her humans and absolutely loves to snuggle! She is good with cats and prefers a more laid back dog, but does well with almost any dog. Ideally, we would like to see her have a canine sibling as she likes to follow their lead. Layla will require a family with a 4 ft fence or higher as she has never shown any interest in climbing the outside fence, but has climbed a 4 ft pen that she was kept in inside G.R.A.S.P (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) - (585) 234-1953 
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