Welcome to Bugsy's Animal Network.   My  mission, and that of our many contributors, is to promote the well-being and humane treatment of all animals, through our support of greater Rochester, New York, area shelters and rescue organizations.  Please note we do not take in pets, only promote those in local area organizations.       Email Bugsy & Judy  

Who Are Pet Celebrities?   The wonderful pets featured below are recommended by volunteers based on the most need, special
circumstances, or  simply overlooked and waiting in shelters the longest.  Please give them your consideration.  Many never get a home.
Support New York State Bill to Ban Cat Declawing

New York state Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal has introduced a bill, A.595 (formerly A.1297), that would make New York the first state in the nation to ban cat declawing. Soon afterwards, New York state Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-Oneida County) introduced the companion bill (S.3376) in the Senate, giving it a majority-party sponsor in the GOP-controlled NY state Senate. The declawing bill would ban the amputation procedure unless it is done to treat a medical condition affecting the cat. The Paw Project is grateful to Assemblywoman Rosenthal and Senator Griffo. We are proud to have introduced the declaw issue to

Assemblywoman Rosenthal and to have helped in organizing support for the bill. We are fortunate to have the help and support of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA), and Ethical Veterinary to pass the bill. We will update this page when the bill is introduced in the coming legislative session

Please read and/or sign::

 NY No-Declaw Bill Fact Sheet

 NY No-Declaw Myth vs. Fact Sheet, which have been presented to the NY state legislators.

Support Assemblymember Rosenthal's Bill here - Sign the Petition!

Information above was pulled from the website: http://www.pawproject.org/.  

Thank You.
Hi, my name is Rosco!  I'm a five year old Chocolate Lab/large hound mix. I am neutered, up-to-date with my vaccinations, and flea/tick/heartworm preventative. Oh, and I'm micro- chipped, too!  My foster dad says I have a very sweet personality and I am a people person, er, people dog!!   I like other dogs, with the proper introduction, of course, and children are fun, too! Sometimes I forget my size so I have to pay attention to the little ones! I know some basic commands, but dad says Obedience Training is in my future! I enjoy playing fetch, my special way, and long walks! I really enjoy doing anything with my human, even cuddling!
I have been diagnosed with epilepsy but with my daily medication regimen I have been seizure free, and my meds have recently been reduced! Lab Lovers Rescue    (formerly known as Rudy's Rescue, P.O. Box 1046 Henrietta, NY 14467 info@labloversrescue.org
Meet Lily she's a spayed dwarf princess! She's awaiting for a home with endless timothy hay,room to roam and a family to love her. Lily is mostly litter trained. Lily has been around kids 3 and up. She is not phased by dogs and is a social gal! If interested in adopting Lily, please fill out an application at www.rescued-treasures.com.
Hi everyone!! My name is Finn and I'm a happy and affectionate young dog with a great personality. I am a 2 year old male and a Pit Bull Terrier.  I like meeting other dogs and love getting out for walks. I especially love people and get very excited when they stop to say hi to me. I'd love to find a home where I can sit and watch football with you on the weekend. I recently met a family with small kids at the shelter and I did great with the kids!! My tail wouldn't stop wagging.me out to see me at the shelter. I promise not to let you down.  Volunteers For Animals / Genesee County Animal Shelter Batavia, NY
Meet Kira, one of the wonderful pets available for adoption at the   Volunteers For Animals / Genesee County Animal Shelter Batavia, NY
Cooper is a handsome orange and white kitten with striking markings. He has a beautiful orange coat with dark tabby stripes, white feet and a white chest. Cooper is friendly and enjoys attention. He is also full of kitten energy and loves to wrestle and run around the room with his siblings. Cooper has a mom and two siblings that are also available for adoption. His estimated date of birth is 4/11/17. Animal Service League  Buster is a 6 year old cocker spaniel. One of his humans passed away and the survivor wasn’t able to care for him so a very nice person helped Buster get to Rescued Treasures. Buster is very affectionate and just wants to spend time with his human. He is good with cats, and
tolerates being crated although he would much rather be with you all the time! Buster would love to have a home to call his own this holiday season! Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions    Email  585- 210-2509

Zoey is a great little girl of 5 lbs and is 2 1/2 years old. She is a Morkie and was sold by a breeder to a friend. We have been working with this breeder for over 5 years and she saw that the dog was not being well cared for and asked for it back. She noticed it wandering at large all the time and the coat was matted. They decided to return the dog to the professional breeder and she asked us to place Zoey. We have spayed Zoey and provided all her vaccinations and heart worm test. She is housebroken to a pee pad and does very well in her foster home. She has never lived with dogs and while she waited for a plane to come to us she was in a kennel situation with the breeder.  She is living with a 6 year old Shih Tzu female and likes her very much. In placing Zoey we have been on the fence if she needs one or not. She is so little a hawk or bird of prey will get her and she should be a leash. BUT - she loves to run.  Read More.   Duffy's Friends, Inc Misty is a 4 year old kitty that was rescued from a crazy man who was not taking care of his pug and his cat. The neighbors heard he was taking them both to the high kill shelter and they found rescue. The pug mix got a home and there was nothing available right then and there for poor Misty. Nina took her in and has provided a safe place until a home is found.
Misty loves dogs and would rather be the only cat. Nina has three cats and poor Misty is not really happy living with a pack of cats - dogs okay but not cats. Her best friend was a pug mix and now he has a good life but she is still in limbo.
She is update on vaccinations and is tested negative. Her adoption fee is waived and we are hoping someone see's the beautiful eyes and her sweet face. Cats are every where and getting a home is tough. Please email us at Duffysfriends@gmail.com and we will arrange a meeting.Duffy's Friends, Inc
This sweet, lovable girl is Allie!  Allie weighs 55 pounds and is about a year and a half old.  She is still a youngster, but is learning fast and working hard to please.  She has learned basic obedience commands and is crate and house trained.  Allie is reactive with other dogs and a strong puller when leash walked, and we are working hard with her to get her socialized and develop good walking manners.  Continued education will help Allie to be all she can be as she matures.  Her favorite things are running, playing with toys and snuggle up with her people on the couch. Nuts for Mutts Rescue, Inc

Meet Plumette she is a female tori kitten who was born 5/23/17.  Plumette is just one of many wonderful rescues available at   Keller's Kats Rescue, Inc.  585-802-6454 (Karla)  Email

 Did you fall for my beautiful amber colored eyes? My name is Wanda and I am a fun-loving Pyr/Malamute girl who is ready to play at anytime! Just watch how quickly I drop into the play bow and then pounce. But I am also very happy to just have my belly rubbed as I love all the attention. I also love to be brushed and to get hugs - after you hug me once, I will give you my Pyr Paw to get more and more :) My foster mom says that I am so so so very sweet! I really bond to my person so need to be the only dog. I'm not sure I understand little people either so no kiddies please. I need a leader and a little guidance but I am very smart and will even bring you something from the counter, like the loaf of bread you wanted with its packaging still intact...ok, so maybe you need to work with me on that a little :) I am leash-trained and would love to be your walking buddy! If you’re looking for a bright, happy, playful, affectionate girl, then there is no need to look at any other dog...I will even give you a great big smile!  National Great Pyrenees Rescue, contact Suzanne Phillips, suzannep@rochester.rr.com   585-632-5734 (Rochester area contact).
Meet Carver , just one of the many wonderful pets available for adoption at the  Friends of Orleans County   N 14411  585-752-2588 ocadoptions@aol.com

Rudy is a 1 year old, 13 pound Beagle. He was found as a stray. Rudy is a bit shy. He is very sweet and wants to be friendly. He is just learning about leashes and going for walks but he tries hard to please.. Blue Moon Meadows  585-624-9328.
 Jemma was born about April 14, 2015 and weighs about 45 lbs.  She is wonderful with all of us and the other dogs, really nice girl!   Jemma is BUSY and needs lots of stuff to do in life.  She races around with the other dogs and like most GSPs she is very smart and if not entertained enough she can be destructive.  She is wonderfully social, loving and good with kids.  She is also very snuggley in the evening once she has played the day away.  She needs older kids (so she won't knock them down) and dogs with a safe place to race around and FUN in her next life!  Jemma is good on leash.  This is all we know so far as the staff at the high kill shelter feels asking questions embarrasses the previous owners as the reason for surrender is so often financial. We will be learning as we go and so will you.    Joyful Rescues     716 372-3661  joyfulrescues@hughes.net  

Hi, I'm Cynthia!  I am a 5 yr old Boston terrier.  I enjoy the company of humans, cats, and dogs. Im a quiet girl, a little timid. I do enjoy toys and a good meal. I'm working on my leash training and I think I got this potty training down. My soft spot is pretty bows. I will need a fence because leashes aren't my friend yet and I am considered a flight risk. Fast movements and loud noises scare me a little so a house with older quieter children is hoped for. Please apply and make me your forever friend.   Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue

Daryl is the last of his litter waiting for his permanent home. All of his other siblings got adopted long ago, but poor Daryl is still waiting. We can't figure out why, because he is a sweetheart, who starts purring the minute you pet him or pick him up. Humane Society of Livingston County 585-234-2828  
Shy girl Jewel is about 5 years old, and she weighs 60 pounds. She's looking for a home without cats, and she must meet any resident dog(s) in a potential new home. We think Jewel will do best in a home without small children. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program, or she is  also at a  Reduced adoption fee - ask shelter for details.     Humane Society of Wayne County  Lyons Shelter Location!  
Jerry Garcia is a 6 year old breeder release who is super sweet. He is a pure bred shih Tzu. Jerry needs help in the house training and leash walking departments. But he is a good boy and trying very hard to learn. He gets along great with dogs, we are unsure about cats. We know the Tzu lovers out there would be thrilled to have him. If you believe you are his perfect match please fill out our online application.Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue Check out our amazing Sampson!! He is simply spectacular: rugged good looks, loves to snuggle (big time!), excellent kisser, great sense of humor, and not at all afraid to commit! He's basically the perfect guy. Right now, Sampson is looking for an exclusive relationship - he would prefer to be the only dog in your life. Sampson is seeking someone who is equally available emotionally.  Pitty Love Rescue,  (585) 376-0290; Email    
Gentle Koda is a 4 year old female Lab mix who weighs 49 pounds.  This sweet girl is happy to make her back and under her chin available for petting any time at all.  She prefers treats to toys and will do best in a home where any children are age 14 and over.  Come make friends with Koda at Lollypop Farm! If you would like more information, please call 585-223-1330 or visit Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester  at 99 Victor Rd. in Fairport, NY. .
One year old Buffy is a female domestic shorthair mix.  She was a stray brought in by a good Samaritan. Buffy is a confident girl who has a little bit of the princess thing going on.  She's got very expressive green eyes as you can see and she's going to let you know if her food dish is empty. She likes humans pretty well but will do best in a home where any children are older. If you would like more information, please call 585-223-1330 or visit Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester  at 99 Victor Rd. in Fairport, NY. .
Indy is a purebred Papillon puppy who currently weighs a petite 3 pounds. I am sure this girl is going to be gorgeous once her feathers grow in on her ears and tail. She loves to zoom around the kitchen table, hence her name "Indy". This girl is on the go and is very busy. She loves hanging out with the dogs here and is not much into cuddling right now, there is to much to do!! Her adoption fee is $400.00 and she has been spayed and fully vetted.
SusieQ Dog ResQ   papillon1254@rochester.rr.com
Gandolph is a 3 year old pure Boxer. He is a very friendly boy who is happy to be off the chain and living in a home. He is a big playful puppy that loves to be near you. He has been neutered and vetted. His adoption fee is $300.00 SusieQ Dog ResQ        Email 

Adopt Evan and Elliot - two youngsters who need a home together (info in next cube)

Evan and Elliott are two very cute black and white kitten brothers that have taken some time to get used to humans. After Elliott was neutered he had a medical issue (the vet thought it was a blood clot) and he was unable to move and in a lot of pain. With supportive care (fluids and force feeding) he was sitting up within a week. As he felt better, he realized that his foster family was super nice and he began to seek out attention, cuddling, and purred often! His brother Evan then needed to learn to trust humans too and in time came around to enjoy spending time with his foster family. Evan and Elliott are still a little timid at first, so we feel it would be best if they went to a quiet home with no dogs or very young children. As well, Evan and Elliott must be adopted together. They are very bonded and have been through a lot in their young lives. If you are interested in adopting a sibling pair, pick Evan and Elliott! They will definitely continue to learn to love and trust their new family!  As our Featured Cats, Evan & Elliott's adoption fee has been reduced to $150 (No other discounts apply).
G.R.A.S.P (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) - (585) 234-1953 

Louie- if you are looking for a loving kitten, you have found him! Louie was born in early August and is looking for his forever home where he can play, then curl up with you for snuggles. He purrs all the time! He currently lives with older kids and other cats. It may take a while for him to get adjusted to other cats.  Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions    Email  585- 210-2509

Molly is a
Pit/American Bull Dog mix.  She was dumped in a parking lot where a friend of ours picked her up and brought her to me.  The President said that yes, we would take her and find her the home she deserves. Molly is under a year old and is the life of the party.   We call her the "Party Pit" because she is all about the party.  She plays in a pack of male and female dogs.  There isn't a mean bone in her body.  She just loves everyone and everything.   We are trying to teach her basic commands,  but because she can't sit still for more than a second, we have only been able to teach her sit and come.  She makes me smile all day long.   Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue

 Roxxy may act scared and cower when she first meets you but if you spend ten to fifteen minutes with her she will transform into an affectionate cuddly cat. She likes to try to groom you while you pet her. Roxxy gets along well with several of the shelter cats. She likes adults but she is nervous around children. Roxxy would probably prefer not to live with dogs. Pet Pride of New York  585-742-1630  ppny@wny.twcbc.com

Hello !!!  My name is Colville aka CJ.  I am a 2 year old male mixed breed.  What am I a mix of? My foster Mom says I am a mix of silliness, happiness and love.  She says that is the best mix of all !!  I started off being very scared & unsure of people & my surroundings.  But with time, patience & being surrounded with love I have slowly learned that people & my surroundings are not as scary as I thought.  I am slowly getting used to new things in my life but now I am quicker to adjusting to new things and realizing that life is fun !!   Read Much More.   Black Dog Second Chance Rescue,      info@blackdogsecondchance.org

Hi, my name is Zena and I have a very unusual story to tell.  I was originally living in a tent city in downtown with my homeless guardian.  I was taken to a home by a good Samaritan with the promise that I would be reunited with my lady some day. Two years later the people who took me in, found themselves homeless and I was taken to a shelter.  I am sweet, gentle and very loving.  All I want is a permanent home I can call my own.” Are you the one who will give Zena her last, forever, home?  Pet Adoption Network,  Rochester NY
585 338-9175
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