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Cats & Kittens Available for Adoption at Webster, Victor, and Henrietta PetSmart Stores

The Humane Society of Wayne County has Cats Available for Adoption at three Satellite Locations, as well as the Shelter.   The cats in the Satellite locations are housed there 24/7.   Visit the Cat Room  in Lyons    Please call ahead when traveling long distances as adoptions occur real time. Also, double check the hours the centers are open (they vary depending on the location).
  All kittens and cats are spay/neutered, been vetted and have age appropriate vaccinations.  Free vet visit with adoption.   You get to sit either in the shelter's cat room
 (dozens of cats) or in the stores, where you  sit among a group of cats in order  to select the right match. 
Volunteers match cats to families!
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Cats at Webster PetSmart
 Info provided by Volunteers and Staff  Hours - Webster
Cats at Victor  PetSmart 
  Hours - Victor      Thanks to Volunteer  Lynne for Descriptions and Photos of Victor cats

Cadence: 4 month old male, grey and Connor:4 month old male, grey.  Very pretty boys, but quite scared right now.  The Webster volunteers will work with them. Right now we would recommend no small children.  Bugsy will meet them tonight.

Tritan: 9 year old male, black and Bug: 9 year old female, black.  Titan and Bug spent there entire life together and when their owner moved out of state, he tried to place them.  He had his parents take them, but these two were horrified of the dogs there.  So no dogs please.  One has longer hair than the other.  They have never been apart and this photo was taken on their first day in the center.  They are Eligible for a 2 for 1 Adoption and also the for the shelter's Adult Companion Program.  We want them to go together.  NOTE:  Bug is matted and one of our volunteers is paying for a grooming.  So, Bug will leave the building for a couple of hours and come back groomed.  Not sure what time or date, so if he is not in the condo when you come, ask, he will return. 
Oliver - white and orange tiger; Oliver is primarily white with orange marking on his head and body (here and there).   White with slight orange markings.  PENDING

Lexi - Calico - This 2 year old calico is so sweet.  She is a bit nervous now but it will only take a few days to warm up to the new location.  She is gentle as a lamb and we asked cat Melissa to take her as a room-mate and show her the ropes.  Dilute calico.  Family relinquished her.  People wrote a lot of good things about her.


Babs - 8 year old Babs is a gentle white angel of a girl.   She bows her head to be petted and enjoys a good cuddle.  Her previous owners could no longer care for her but say she gets along with adults, kids, cats and dogs.
Dakota - Playful, outgoing, and affectionate.  If these words appeal to you then Dakota is your boy.  This black and white 11 week old wants to play with others, but doesn't mind being scooped up for a cuddle.
Star is a very gentle sweet 5 month old kitten. Though a little shy at first she is learning to play and doesn't mind being held and loved on. Oh, and check out her eyes!! They are a striking golden color with a subtle green rim.  This precious girl is easy to fall in love with.
Dwight is a handsome 4 year old guy.  Found on a strangers deck he was brought to the shelter on his way to a forever home.  He had a pretty bad case of fleas but is cleaned up, vaccinated ,and is waiting for a friend to care for him!  Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program
Baby is a beautiful 2 year old domestic long hair whose owners could no longer care for him.  He LOVES, LOVES. LOVES attention and will eagerly jump up on your lap for hugs and pets.  He likes being brushed and would make a nice addition to any family.  (Looks like CeCe we know!) He is boy.
Fern is a shy, sweet 2 year old  tiger who likes to be petted.  She offers her chin for scratches and purrs with satisfaction  when you get the right spot.
Cece is a six year old torti brought in because her owners couldn't care for her any longer.  She is a wide eyed soft beauty. She likes to be petted and rewards with a lovely appreciative purr.  She doesn't seem to enjoy the kittens but her previous owners said she got along with other cats.Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program
Iris is a shy, gentle 2 year old who craves calm, quiet attention. She rolls over from tummy rubs and expresses her love with sweet head butts.  Her previous owners said she doesn't do well with dogs.
   New Arrivals 8/10/17:
Camron – male, 3 months old, grey – “stray” - adorable and very playful.  APPROVED

Cory – male, 3 months old, buff – “stray” -  adorable and very playful.

Stitch – female, 4 years old, torti/tiger – “person cannot care for any longer” – affectionate, beautiful green eyes, talkative.

Jake – male, 2 years old, brown tiger – “apartment won’t allow pets” – handsome big boy, quiet, quite scared right now but enjoys gentle affection.      APPROVED

Mr. Charlie – male, 5 years old, orange/white – “stray” – affectionate, handsome, vocal.
Alex – male, 4 months old, orange/white – “stray” – affectionate, shy, quiet.   APPROVED
Morris – male, 3 years old, black – “abandoned at a campground” – handsome, very affectionate and friendly. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program
Oliver – male, 7 months old, black – “transferred from Rochester Animal Services” – handsome, playful, affectionate.
Daisy – female, 9 years old, white and black – family moved away and left her behind – very pretty girl, has slight limp from injury received as a kitten, very affectionate and sweet – not comfortable around other cats but she’s still getting used to the environment. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program
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