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Cats & Kittens Available for Adoption at Webster, Victor, and Henrietta PetSmart Stores

The Humane Society of Wayne County has Cats Available for Adoption at three Satellite Locations, as well as the Shelter.   The cats in the Satellite locations are housed there 24/7.   Visit the Cat Room  in Lyons    Please call ahead when traveling long distances as adoptions occur real time. Also, double check the hours the centers are open (they vary depending on the location).
  All kittens and cats are spay/neutered, been vetted and have age appropriate vaccinations.  Free vet visit with adoption.   
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Cats at Webster PetSmart
 Info and photos  provided by Webster Volunteers and Shelter Staff    Hours - Webster
Cats at Victor  PetSmart 
     Thanks to Volunteer  Lynne for Descriptions and Photos of Victor cats   Hours - Victor  
Cats at  Henrietta PetSmart
  Thanks to Volunteers Bette and Jim for Info on Pets
and Cathy Raker for Photos
Hours - Henrietta
Update 2/16/19:   

- 4 month old female, all white ADOPTED
Vicky - 4 month old female, all white. ADOPTED
Cleopatra, 8 year old female, black, She is a lovely lady, she has gray flecks on her fur - shiny black coat.  Loved it when I groomed her, loves wet food, a wonderful companion cat.  We cleaned her teeth and extracted a couple.  She is ready to be your best friend.
Lizzie - 3 year old, female, black and white.  Very curious and confident.  Lizzie was found as a stray and had been fed by a kind person for 5 months.  She seems to love to be pet in her cage, but not cuddles or held close.  This will take a lot of patience and love.  She loves to play laser light and loves wet food.  She needs a secure, quiet environment.  She is very nervous here in the center and fearful at time.  Just needs the right person and household.
-----Casper - Handsome, 6 year old male. Wonderful, handsome,  Dude. Casper is quite independent and spent this afternoon sitting on the bench while I played a game on the tablet.  He pretty much minds his own business, until you indicate you are ready for some loving. He loves to play with string toys and the laser light.  He also is a bit vocal.  Reminds me of Bugsy!  Not the best with some other cats, so Ideally a home with no other cats. NO DOGS PLEASE.  Update 1/22:  Casper is coming out of his shell and becoming very loving and affectionate.  We have fewer cats in the center which may be helping him become more secure.  Volunteer notes (our log book) say he has become affectionate, walks on your lap, plays with laser and toys, is becoming more and more people social and is confident.  He opens cabinets.  Today, Alice said he sat on his rear, looked at his tail and chased it.  Likes wet food and treats.  Wonderful guy.

Update 2/14/19:    Thanks Lynne for updates.

3 month girl. Her siblings are all adopted and now it's this little girls turn. A little shy, but playful and loving.  Look at those cute little grey spots on her head! PENDING

Sweet Pea - Darling 6 year old medium hair tabby. Came to us in very rough shape with rodent ulcers and severe flea allergies.  It took 10 months to get her in tip top shape but now she is healthy, content and has a glorious silky coat.  She transitioned to a regular diet and is tolerating it well now that her skin is healed.  She needs to be an indoor only cat and will need monthly flea preventative to keep her feeling and looking her beautiful self.  She is a sweet girl that loves attention but would do best in a home as an only cat.
Norton - Very sweet affectionate 3 year old male brought in as a stray.  He needs to be an only pet and would do best in a home without children.  With adults he is chatty, playful, and enjoys attention.
Fancy - 5 year old Tiger. Fancy DOES NOT fancy other cats but is talkative, enjoys pets, is cute.  She has a corneal scar so her one eye is cloudy.   She is independent, but she is playful, talkative and likes affection on her terms.  One of our volunteers walks her around the store on a leash,  so apparently, Fancy fancies adventure.   :)
UPDATE ON 2/16/19:
Mitzie – female, 5 months old, dilute calico – “stray” – shy, playful, big purr. PENDING
Myron – male, 5 months old, brown tiger/white – “stray” – friendly, playful, big purr. PENDING

 (**Mitzie & Myron are brother and sister)
Matt – male, 9 months old, brown tiger – “stray” – affectionate, friendly, a little nervous.
Arlo – male, 1 year old, orange/white medium hair – “stray” – affectionate, friendly, vocal. PENDING
Kerri – female, 2.5 years old, torti – “drop off”- affectionate, friendly – **MUST BE ON HILLS C/D FOOD ONLY – urinary crystals(She’s been a guest at the shelter since June 2018)

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