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Cats & Kittens Available for Adoption at Webster, Victor, and Henrietta PetSmart Stores

The Humane Society of Wayne County has Cats Available for Adoption at three Satellite Locations, as well as the Shelter.   The cats in the Satellite locations are housed there 24/7.   Visit the Cat Room  in Lyons    Please call ahead when traveling long distances as adoptions occur real time. Also, double check the hours the centers are open (they vary depending on the location).
  All kittens and cats are spay/neutered, been vetted and have age appropriate vaccinations.  Free vet visit with adoption.   
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Cats at Webster PetSmart
 Info and photos  provided by Webster Volunteers and Shelter Staff    Hours - Webster
Cats at Victor  PetSmart 
  Hours - Victor      Thanks to Volunteer  Lynne for Descriptions and Photos of Victor cats
Update 12/9/18:

Morticia: 13 weeks old female torti   ADOPTED
Trixie: 13 week old female, gray ADOPTED

Rocco - 8 month old male.  Rocco was quite nervous his first day here.  Last night, 12/6, I got him out on the bed and he started relaxing and responding to lots of petting and talking too  Handsome guy, gentle as a lamb, just slightly shy on day 2.
Kiwi - 8 year old Calico. She is white with a calico head and calico tail!   Oh My Goodness, what a cat.  At 8 years old, she acts more like a 2 year old.  Plays, jumps, loves attention, petting.  Gives head butts.  She is fine with the other cats (but Onka, who doesn't like her).  She was transferred from another shelter and knows Charles.  WONDERFUL.   Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program
Tootsie - 1year old gray and white tiger female. This is a great cat.  Beautiful.  She lived with children and dogs, but the children became allergic to her.  She was nervous for a bit today, but then started rubbing me and relaxing.  The second photo is more representative of her coloring. She let me do her nails with no fuss.
Onka: 1 year old calico, short-haired, female.  Beautiful girl, I did her nails with no problem.   Lovely calico.  Loveable, playful, beautiful, an absolutely great cat!
Charles: 3 year old  gray/white male, 14 pounds. Alice says he is a great guy!   My goodness, what a cat!  He is really a long, large, cat.  See photo of him Stretched on Bench.  He has humor too.  See the toy I put on his head!   He seems to tolerate the other cats, no attacks, but is not ready to be best buddies with them. He just grumbles.  Tonight a little, 8 week old, kitten, stuck his nose in Charles' wet food while Charles was eating.  Charles just looked at the kid with a puzzled look.  With this handsome man, all you need is him.  Loves to play with strings on stick toys.  Minds his own business, but loves the attention.   Great Cat Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program 
Update 12/6/18:    Thanks Lynne for update.

Jace is 1.5 years old.  Don't let this sleepy face fool you...he is a confidant, curious outgoing fellow who wants to be friends with all the other cats.  He is quite friendly and likes attention but can entertain himself.   Look at those eyes!

 PS:  At the shelter they say, quote:  "This friendly boy enjoys our big cat room, especially laying on the bunk-bed and looking out the window."
Margie is a 4 year old Bob tail calico.   She is outgoing, curious and gets along really well with others! 

Sophia - 5 year old female Brown and white tiger.   Very sweet girl came to us because she was frightened of children in her home.  Needs a calm, quiet home. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program    Note:  Sophia is really blooming.  She used to hide in her cage; not she demands to be released and spends the volunteer shifts lounging on a table.  So deserving of a wonderful, calmer kind of home. 
Casper -
6 years old - Handsome, very friendly boy.   Striking white coat you must see in person. Came to us because owners grandson is allergic.  Loves pets and gives lots of head bumps.  Not sure about other cats.
Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program 

UPDATE ON 12/5/18: . Thanks Bette for Updates

Cornbread (came to shelter on Thanksgiving, so...) – male, 1 year old, grey/white – “allergies” – affectionate, friendly, vocal.
Barbie – female, 6.5 months old, brown tabby – “stray” – affectionate, friendly, playful, beautiful markings.
Madeline – female, 1 year old, brown tiger – “stray” – affectionate, friendly, sweet girl.  **NO DOGS**
Gwen – female, 4 years old, diluted calico – “family moved” – affectionate, friendly, sweet. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program
Ivy – female, 6 years old, white/black – “family moved” – affectionate, quiet, shy. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program

 **Gwen and Ivy must be adopted together**
Pip – male, 2 years old, black – “stray” – affectionate, friendly, likes to follow you around like a dog.
-------- Tenley – female, 2 years old, white/grey – “family moved”- sweet, friendly, affectionate.
– female, 10 years old, calico – “ family moved” – affectionate, friendly, quiet – **NO DOGS**  Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program
Roma – female, 7 months old, brown tiger/white – “stray” – a little shy, friendly, playful, loves laser light.

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