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Outreach - We Need Homes for Barn Buddy Cats - Colony W

I am writing this on behalf of Diane DiGravio, President of Habitat for Cats, a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) organization that saves the lives of feral/outdoor cats.  She was recently approached to see if she could help a population of about 50 cats located in Ontario - called the Colony W. Here is  Habitat's website  

How to Help:
1) Diane is looking for barns (with associated caretakers) to place these outdoor cats.  They are neutered, vetted, the caretakers get cages and supplies , etc. They have been well cared for and loved.

2) Follow Habitat for Cats on Facebook and Share her story and updates to your friends - I would do it weekly.  Ask your friends to share and reshare.

3)  If you can help, Diane can be reached at cell 585-615-2980 or Diane.digravio@yahoo.com

Again, Diane needs Barns to relocated this and other groups of cats.  The ideal is horse barn, where cats have proven to be great pals for the horses - calming them and being great room mates.


Colony W store from Facebook by Diane Below:

To let live or allow to die?  That was the decision I was faced with six weeks ago when I received a call from our local shelter. The shelter contacted me following a phone call that they had received with the request to euthanize 50 cats living in an outdoor setting. I commend the shelter manager, who reached out to me knowing that I have been a long time rescuer of feral cats, to ask me to check out the situation, and to offer my suggestions on this overpopulated cat colony. Since the colony resided in my neck of the woods-I arranged for a visit to the site where these cats were located to get an idea of the situation. When I get called upon to "check out" situations such as this one...most are a case of true neglect. What I walked into on that day 6 weeks ago...was something that I will never forget. I approached a 65 acre/lake front  parcel with a "For Sale Sign/Sale Pending" out by the road.  I turned down their private, gravel road and drove back in. While driving back to the home, I passed a rolling river, beautiful landscaping, a small herd of deer, rabbits, and so much more. Upon reaching the home, I was greeted by two of the nicest people I have ever met. Interestingly, I never saw a single cat on my drive back to the residence or during my meet and greet at the front of the house. I could tell by their expressions and immediate  hospitality that these folks were glad to see me. As they began to share their story of the "feline crew" that lived there...it was ever so apparent that these folks were desperate!  So here is the story of "Colony W."

As they brought me to the back of their home...we started to pass several cats... the man noted...  "Well, here is Lucifer, Sally, Norma, and BG."  "And out there you can see Prince, Chirp, Kato, and I think that is Scooter right there."  I just could not believe what I was seeing. It's not often that I am called upon to assist with a feral cat situation that I stumble upon home owners who care about these felines. Most likely people just want them gone!  The situation with "Colony W" is that these folks had decided that their 65 acre nature preserve was way too much for them to keep up and decided to spend their retired years in Florida. They put their home for sale thinking that it would take some time to sell. They thought time was on their side and they figured that they would have time to relocate their feline family.  I know that many who read this campaign are wondering why the colony was not altered when there were just a few cats....we have also asked ourselves that question but we had no time to ponder this as every minute mattered to us! These folks were desperate for a solution for their feline family.  Their closing date was May 31st and written in the contract was that NO CATS WERE TO REMAIN! Since they were not able to find barn homes before their home closing, they believed that the more humane thing to do was to euthanize these cats.  Each came with a name and a personality....these cats were loved!  This situation was almost impossible to help given its size...but to live or to die was my choice...I CHOSE LIFE FOR THESE CATS!

To date, 68 cats have been removed from "Colony W."  This does NOT include the 5 litters which were removed and will need alteration in the future. We have had a tremendous amount of assistance from the Wayne County Humane Society, Lollypop, RCAC within this colony.  The homeowners/caretakers of these cats have also paid the expenses up through the end of May.  We are not there yet as several still need to be vetted, some needing special vet work, kittens will need a vet work up in the months ahead, and the cost to house, feed, and to properly relocate them to safe havens will add to expenses. We are taking litter and food runs weekly at $200 each visit! Huts are expensive to build for their relocations-even with some donated material.  Our hope is to rehome this entire colony by the end of August. We could use your financial support.  Please consider a donation in helping "Colony W" live out their lives!  Rufus, Splash, Yo-Yo, Harley, Luke, and the rest of the gang deserve a second chance. Please share this campaign and if you know of anyone who has a barn or a safe haven for these cats...please send them my way!   Diane DiGravio


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